About Us

Our Company

Mazaraee General Trading
An Emirati built company established in 2015, an importer and distributor of foodstuff and fresh fruits and vegetables. Mazaraee’s focus is to expand within the region and capitalize on the demand and purchasing power of the market.
Mission Statement
Mazaraee General Trading plans on becoming a lead importer in its business lines with initial focus on the United Arab Emirates. Mazaraee also plans on an expansion to cover the golf countries and the entire MENA area.
Future Plans
Our market studies have shown growing demand and potential in food requirements of fine dining, catering and hotels within the UAE. Development plans to enhance delivery to these segments will enable streamlined rollout across expansion markets planned.
Current Activity
Mazaraee has established an exclusive and solid relationship with a multitude of partners to provide you, our clients with a single and primary contact for your business needs.
Our packaging facilities have been part of our operations in meeting our client’s needs. The preparation and packaging of vegetables and fruits in select weights and white labeling as desired by clients is provided in a hygienic and controlled environment.
Foodstuff offering has grown to offer Basmati rice, Olive Oil, Brazilian sugar, Al Rabie oil (sunflower & vegetable) and Agro commodities.